Giving Back

   We absolutely LOVE giving back! Here at Park and Buzz we donate both locally and internationally where there is need. We are honoured to be able to do something we love and in turn help various fundraisers and charities. Truly, we couldn't name each fundraiser we have donated to, but here is a couple.

   That being said, if you have a fundraiser and are looking for a donation, please reach out to us. Please include all the details, including a letter.

   Our 32 orphans and young adults we sponsor are our heart and driving force behind this company. It started as a struggling orphanage that it's original founders could no longer maintain. Kids beds were lice ridden if they had beds at all. Their clothes were literally thread bare and full of holes. Meals day to day were questionable. All the kids that were there were made fun of in the village. So the founders asked Victory Churches International to step in and help out by taking over. At the time, 110 kids needed sponsorship. I remember being so moved to hear this. Both a mix of anger or frustration and determination. I couldn't believe, that there weren't 110 people that would be willing to step up and sponsor just one. Honestly and truly shocked. So I determined that if I alone need to sponsor each and everyone of those 110 kids, I would. It has now also grown to add sponsorship for the kids that are too old to be under the orphanage but need help transitioning into adulthood by teaching life skills through secondary education. So we help sponsor 16 orphans and 16 young adults. What is even better, and the reason why I sponsor through this organization is because pretty much all funds ( or all the funds ) raised go directly to the actual cause which is huge for me. It is run by volunteers so funds can go directly there to help. 
   This wouldn't be possible without YOU. Your purchases are making a difference in the world around you. #beadifferencemaker #worldchanger 

Victory Home Of Champions Sponsorship of Kenya Orphanage

   Heather Prosak from BOB fm reached out to us to team up with local organization run solely on volunteers to help Manitobans battling breast cancer. Helping Hands for Manitobans helps those that are financially burdened by the unexpected expenses while battling through cancer.