Self Care Box

Are your shoulders tight, jaw clenched, feeling like you are running in a hamster wheel? Do you feel like the to do list isn't getting any shorter and in fact is getting longer? Or when you try and fall asleep, your mind is running going over all the things you have to do or the stresses of the day? Do you feel plain burned out and stressed out?šŸ˜°

If you said yes to any of the above, this self care box is for you!

Let's get back to taking a moment for yourself. Breathing in deep and when you breathe out, letting all that stress melt away.šŸ˜Œ We all know the instructions given to us on an airplane that we are supposed to put our mask on before helping others. But how often to we put that into practice in our everyday life? šŸ¤”

We created a box meant to help whisk you away and unwind. Take a moment to step into bliss. A box full of treats to destress and also make you feel like a million bucks.šŸ’µ

These boxes are packed full of value. $214 to be exact. And you can get this box for only $125 plus shipping is FREE for North America šŸŽ‰

Bonus, these top quality curated products are supporting other small businesses that are also all women owned.Ā 

*No substitutions for items in box