Soft Serve | Whipped Scrub

  • $ 10.00
Let's see how many people like soft serve, we've made you an exfoliant that is just like one!. Soft Serve Gelato Scrub exfoliates beautifully with its plant-based botanicals and foaming action. A rich and creamy blend of vanilla, sea salt, and caring butter, revitalizes dull skin. It will feel smooth and soft after being exfoliated, so it's ready for the day! Luxury Active Ingredients: Sea Salt | Exfoliates and removes dull skin. Sugar | Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation   How to use: Cleanse your body then rub a spoon full of gelato scrub onto your body in circular motions focusing on problem areas. Rinse with warm water. Use me with Créme Brûlée, Milk and Cookies, or Birthday Cake body wash mousse for an all-day vanilla scent.